Drag and Drop Interaction Help

Hello all!

I am attempting to create a quiz from a template that was provided by the community. It was working fine several weeks ago however there is something going amiss now.

The idea is to drag an item to the appropriate "bin." If dropped correctly, it should change the state of the item to the "drop correct" state, which is essentially, invisible and show a layer for a second which is just a nifty green checkmark.

If the item is not dragged to the appropriate location. It should move back to its original space (or stay) but not disappear. The interaction should not end until all of the items "disappear" because of dropping it on the correct target.


What I am seeing now is that the item is dropped on the right target, the item disappears, I get the greencheck mark - and i think ok its working! But then I do the next one and the 1st one appears back on the list. Here is the link to the quiz: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/3ff29602-b59b-4393-8eee-fc0d27353b06/review

I checked all my triggers, I am not sure what is changing the items state back to normal.

Any help would be appreciated.





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Ulises Musseb

The way I'd do it is by not creating the triggers to show the correct/incorrect drop state. Instead, I'd add the red X or the green check mark as a state in each object. The objects already have the states created. That solves all the problems regarding the objects in the correct place after users placing them in the selected bin.

Ulises Musseb

I took a look, and it seems like the object goes invisible because when the Drop Correct state was created, the object was removed. I am attaching a file with the way I'd do it. It shows the states of the objects without the need of additional layers. Also, it seems like a knowledge check practice, so I removed the Submit button. Please take a look. I hope it helps.

Marie McGuire

Thanks for that,  The item is supposed to disappear. It is not supposed to "reappear" after the following item is dropped, which is what it is currently doing. 

Your file has the item dropped and then it just stays there, that's an interesting tactic, I'll consider it.

I am hopeful that a resolution as to why the items are re-appearing.

Your idea about completing eliminating the layers and using states instead is an interesting thought, I'll research that a little and see where it goes.

Author One

Hi Marie,

I have added triggers to the draggable items to disappear (or hidden) them when it dropped on correct location so that it will not reappear after that and If the item will not dropped to the appropriate location, it will stay in that "bin." and if you dropped another item on same location the 1st dropped item will take it’s original position on screen.

I have attached the source file as well for your reference, I hope it will be helpful for you.