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Hi everyone,

I am just creating a simple series of Drag and Drop questions and answers from within Articulate Storyline 360 using Freeform Questions.

I have created basic shapes for the questions and answers and complete the Drag Items and Drop Targets they correspond to.

However, it doesn't matter what I try the answer is always "Incorrect"; it seems like the drag item and drop target are reversed?

I have even downloaded some other templates to try them separate and they are doing the same thing. These templates have the same settings as myself.

Am I missing something? I have tried all the options under the Drag and Drop Options settings.

(Apologies if this has been discussed but I did search through the forums and nothing seemed to match my query).


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Wendy Farmer

However, it doesn't matter what I try the answer is always "Incorrect"; it seems like the drag item and drop target are reversed?


Hi Thomas the interaction is working fine for me.  The drop targets are on the right and the drag items are on the left.

Here is a quick Peek video of preview

Thomas Elvins

Just a note...it seems that regardless of how many questions/answers you have on a slide, to get a "correct" response, they "all" have to be correct. A single slide vs a single question is not very productive or prudent unless they are longer questions as such.

So, to give the learners a reasonable challenge, I am going to limit the question/answer to 3 per slide i.e. they must have 3 correct responses to 3 questions.

Unless of course, there is a way to "submit" each question for a correct/incorrect response?

Thomas Elvins

Yes, that is exactly what I was trying to do. They can select say, Question 1 then Answer 1 and click Submit. So, they could check their progress and understanding.

If they got the 1st one incorrect, then they could go back and try again.

That was the intent anyway :) Is there a way you can select 1 answer then submit?

Or, is it only after you select all 3 answers (in this case as I have 3 questions on the slide), that this is the only option or process?

Wendy Farmer

Then we could probably do it with layers and triggers - I can have a go later today if you like.

Give me some indication of what you want to happen when I answer the first question and get it correct / get it incorrect...do I get another go at it or I move onto the next one ...

Thomas Elvins

Wendy, That would be great! I would imagine you could step through the layers etc. to make it work, so by all means have a try. If the conditions get too complex, then maybe it may be too much work?

I would like the learner to attempt a question and then click submit. If they get it incorrect, they get another attempt. If they get it right, they can move on to the next question and so on.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Thomas

very rough sample attached.  Take a look and see if it goes someway to what you are looking for.

It is not based on a quiz layout - it's all custom. 

For each question I added one drag item and two possible targets as it didn't seem like you would have a one for one relationship that would be testing the users.

Anyway - hope it helps and shout out if you don't understand.

Forgive the formatting it's been a long day :-)

Thomas Elvins

Wendy, thanks for this. Sorry it has taken a day or 2 to come back to you. Understand....the layers and the triggers work ok and I was trying to avoid going to such depth but I can see that if I follow this direction that is where it leads :)

You provided a good example of a working model and I will work with that. I may look at providing a completed version of mine once I have finished, to compare.

Thanks again.