Drag and Drop: resetting at the original position and changing button state

Jun 05, 2020


I am building a simple Drag and Drop interaction. Learners have to attempts to get the right answer. When a learner fails the first attempt and clicks the "Try again" button, every item is reset in the original position. 

I would like also to change the state of the last used button to "drop incorrect".

I tried to add a change of state trigger when the user clicks the "Try Again" button, with no success. 

Any suggestion?



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Traci P

Hi Piercarlo,

Because you're using the jump to slide trigger to reset the slide, you'll need to use a variable to communicate that the object should change state. You also may want to manually create an attempts counter if you're using the reset slide feature and want to only have 2 attempts. 

I got you started here. Not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for. I only added the change of state to principle 2 since that one was the only item with an incorrect drop state. 


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