Anyway to return to original position on Drag&Drop excercise

Jul 06, 2021


I've attached a dropdown knowledge check, and I want all the drag over buttons to return to original position when I have to Try Again.  I don't see any Drag&Drop Options that indicates. Also the Slide and Slide Layer Properties are already set to Reset to Initial State. Any ideas?



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Ned Whiteley

Hi Rob,

When you click the Try Again button, all that happens is the Try Again layer is closed and the user is returned to the base layer. This is not the same as the slide being revisited and so it does not reset itself to its original state.

To solve your problem, all you need to do is to change the trigger that is activated when the Try Again button is clicked to Jump to slide this slide. This will then reset the slide to its original state:

Walt Hamilton

Before you close the Try Again layer, you can identify the incorrect objects, and move them back to their origin. This is done most easily by moving them on a motion path that has a length of 0 and does not have a relative start point.

It is done frequently in the graphic  versions in the sample found at this post: