Drag-and-Drop with Multiple Options

I'm creating a weekday calendar where learners drag and drop their commitments to see if they have time to take an upgrade course. I'm using the Drag-and-Drop quiz function, but it's not proving flexible enough for this exercise. Each commitment (e.g., Work, Family, Fitness, Volunteer) needs to be draggable to any spot on the schedule. I'm stuck because Articulate permits only one target per draggable item.

Is there a way to do this?

As an alternative,instead of using drag-and-drop,  I could create a weekday calendar of clickable time slots. When the learner clicks a slot, it colour-fills, and the learner can type (optional) text on it. This would allow the user to fill in the time blocks of the schedule with prior commitments to see what's open. The only way I can picture doing this is with multiple layers -- one for every time slot. Is that the only way?

Thanks for help with this. I'm having difficulty wrapping my mind around the options.

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Nancy Mucklow

I'm replying to my own question...

I'm using the second option instead of the drag-and-drop. I've set up four layers (Work, Family, Fitness, Volunteer) and am using States to set up a Hover and Selected state for each slot on the schedule, using a different colour for each layer. When the learner clicks on the button for Work, Family, Fitness, or Volunteer, it switches to that layer. The final result should be a schedule of colour blocks and free blocks.

If anyone has better suggestions....

Ashley W

What if we did want to have more options though?  Is there any way to accomplish this?  We have a certain pattern that associates have to follow with the product when performing a certain activity.  I have a picture of the product and then a spot for them to drag it into to replicate the pattern, but I can't know for sure that they're going to perform the task exactly the same way I do (and it's not important that they do, so long as the pattern looks the same in the end).

I was thinking of just making 11 separate questions (there are 11 hotspots) and then setting different triggers per object to show layer correct when dropped, but is that going to result in them receiving points on the results slide?