Drawing from Multiple Question Banks?

Apr 09, 2013

Hey everyone. Quick question...

I am building a state licensing exam prep course. We have several sections with quizzes for each one and then have to build practice exams, mimicking the state exam. I intend to use the slides/questions that were built for the sections and copy them in to the final exam to save time. Here's the kicker with the exam... the 100-question state exam has a certain percentage of questions from each section of material. So section 1 may have have 10% of the 100 questions, Section 2 15% and so on.

Is there a way, in one exam, to draw from multiple question banks? So if had 10 sections and loaded up 10 different question banks, I can have the 100 question exam draw a certain number of questions from bank 1, bank 2, etc.?

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