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Shawn Powell

These kinds of animated videos are usually made in Adobe AfterEffects, though similar presentations could be made in Adobe Animate, or they could be simplified, with less animation, directly in Storyline.

This one looks like most of the assets are vector, from stock, and could be made or edited in Adobe Illustrator. There is a pretty definite process, which they would have used to make this video, by having an illustrator expert make/gather/organize the assets, then import them as a library of layered vectors into AfterEffects, and animated/timed/audio there.

I have been in the first role, as an illustrator, and worked with motion graphics specialists to make presentations. It would start with a sketched storyboard to organize the series of scenes, a script, and their assets, then a style frame to define the unifying style/color palette, and then creating/gathering all of the vector assets in an order that could be imported for animation in AfterEffects. 

Does that help you understand the process?

Jerson  Campos

I create these type of videos often. I use Illustrator and After Effects. I normally find the assets online on stock photography sites like character sets or isometric assets such as in the video. Then I import it into illustrator, break up the assets depending on how I want to animate it. Next, I import it into After Effects and animate them and add some more effects.  I wish I can say this is even moderately easy to make but it isn't. After Effects has a steep learning curve and Illustrator also take a while to learn. If you have time to invest I highly recommend learning both, but if you don't have time but have a decent enough budget, you can hire someone to create this for you. 

Tracy Carroll

I think using the right tool is key to creating explainer videos (MP4’s) quickly, especially if creating videos isn’t your particular specialty. I don’t have time to focus on using Adobe tools like After Effects or Illustrator for explainer videos, although they are great tools! I use animation applications like Powtoon, CreateStudioPro, Camtasia, or Vyond to produce videos like your example rapidly. Articulate Storyline, Rise, or Presenter aren’t really designed to produce animated videos like your example, but could be used to produce a different type of engaging  presentation.