Vyond vs Storyline

Hi All,

We already have articulate 360 apps and we wanted to add vyond as well since we need to create explainer video, animating characters/scenes in our video. However, stakeholder is saying if we have articulate , why there is a need for an extra software.

Can anyone pitch in and explain so that my stakeholders are convinced.



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The purpose of each tool is unique.

Vyond is animation software used to create movies. However, the movies are viewable only meaning you can't add any interactive elements such as quizzes, clickable buttons, and links. 

Vyond videos are exportable as MP4 files and can be uploaded to a third party tool (like Articulate Rise or Storyline) to add such interactivity. 

If you want passive learners, Vyond is enough. If you want active learning, watching a video alone won't due. The products are complimentary to each other.

Math Notermans

Owens completely right. One extra note. You can create animation directly in Storyline, but the possibilities are very limited. Vyond has quite some possibilities to create animations, but its also very recognizable as is. If you check YouTube or the forum here you can quickly identify Vyond animations. 

Surender Rajput

Hi Math,

Thank you for your reply. I communicated below and they were convinced. 

Vyond Advantages.

1. High quality character & Text animations possibility which articulate do not have. It allows lots of customizations to characters, backgrounds and other asset. This tool allows the characters to walk, sit, talk, etc. One can also sync voiceover and have the character look like they are talking.

2. Online Templates availability with features like Location scenes, transitions, Music tracks, Sound effects. Hence, you get the different styles of video that one can choose from the library.

3. Time: It can be time consuming to create an animated video where in one has to use multiple software’s like premiere pro, after-effects to get the required quality, With Vyond we do not require all these software’s and still get the best quality output. In minutes, one can create quick bite explainer videos, white-board animations.

Why not just articulate?


1. Articulate has limitations with respect to character & text animations. Articulate has animations equal to what one can do in PowerPoint. There is no Pre-built library of templates which one can use to create explainer videos, white-board style animating video etc. which Vyond does perfectly.


2. Articulate is primarily used for creating interactive modules where in users can interact with the content by clicking on the buttons in the modules whereas Vyond is a completely different tool for creating animated videos.


The best part is one can combine Vyond & articulate output since our LMS(Ilearn) is compatible with articulate output of SCORM( helps in tracking whether the users have completed the module or still is in In-progress stage). Thus, we would require Vyond along with articulate to create professionally built and LMS compatible elearning modules on Ilearn.

Surender Rajput

True these two points of ease of use and quick turn around time are the biggest asset as we don't have a big team. It is like I am the one who manages user issues, do Lms admin work, q.a. testing & now developer too. Hence, can't spend time developing animations or quick bite explainer videos in articulate. Thus needed something like vyond to save the development time and than embed these vyond videos on storyline or rise. Thanks again for your inputs. Appreciated :)