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Nicole Legault

Hi Christopher!

Great topics - thanks for posting it here in the E-Learning Heroes forums! This is actually a topic that people ask about pretty often: how to turn really dry boring content into something that is more fun and engaging.

I can offer you a few suggestions! First of all, consider adding some scenarios to your e-learning courses. Scenarios are a great way to take dry content but make it more spicy and engaging.

For example in this case you might come up with some "fake" scenarios of what could potentially happen if people don't follow the IT policy. Could they accidentally end up sharing important info? Could someone put the entire network at risk if they download files containing a virus? 

These are examples of you can turn boring IT policy into scenarios that are fun and meaningful for learners. You're letting them know about the policy, but presenting it in a realistic way that challenges them to apply the policy in real life. This helps you see if they really "get it".

Here's a few links and articles about building scenario based training:

You may also want to check out these past discussions and articles about turning dry, boring content into something more fun for learners:

Finally I suggest you have a peek at the creative examples on the E-Learning Examples Hub. Lots of great ideas for fun ways to present content and it might just inspire you!

Good luck! Would love to hear from other community members on this as well especially those who've developed similar courses.