Editing Try Again and Incorrect layer triggers in software sim

Oct 24, 2017

Hi, I'm creating a Test Mode software sim in Storyline 360. I want to give the user 3 attempts to complete the correct action. On the first attempt, the slide layer Try Again will trigger if the action is incorrect. I want to add a layer that offers a hint if the user does the incorrect action a second time.

I've tried creating a variable that increases a numeric value by 1 each time the user clicks in the incorrect space, but can't locate the triggers that Storyline created when I recorded the sim. I've tried switching to Form View and editing from the Feedback section, but there doesn't appear to be a way to include a variable in the Feedback layer.

Would using the points be a better method, especially since some interactions complete by clicking a hotspot, and others complete when a control loses focus?

I'm attaching a sample of the sim...for some reason the Feedback Master didn't automatically apply, so I manually applied it to the first few slides.

Thanks for any guidance.

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Allison LaMotte

Hey Eric,

I had a look at your file and came up with a simple solution! Here's what I did:

  • I added a custom state to the text box on the Try again layer
  • I added a trigger to the "try again" button that changes the state of the text box to my custom state when the learner clicks

And voilà !

It seems to work the way that you want it to. Here's my updated file so you can check it out. Note that I only made the change on the first slide, so you'll need to go ahead and apply that to all your other slides.

Eric Bryant

Thanks Allison! I think I was trying to make the solution too complicated. Keep it simple...

One follow up...is it possible to make this change on the Feedback Master, or will I need to apply it with the format painter?

I have to say, I was on a community board for our LMS provider and someone was trying to decide between Articulate Storyline and a different product, and I recommended AS primarily because of this community board. Everyone on here is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. As a relatively new user, it's nice to know that this resource is available, and that every question, regardless of how simple or complex, is addressed respectfully. Kudos!

Allison LaMotte

It happens to the best of us! I was initially going to try using variables, and then I was like... I don't even need variables!

Hmm... good question. I just tested it and it looks like you can't add states to that text box in the feedback master, so it looks like you'll have to use the format painter.

I'm so glad to hear that you've had such a positive experience with our community. We are lucky to have such a lovely and talented group of e-learning professionals here on E-Learning Heroes! 


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