Efront or Moodle

Dear friends

I am intending to launch e learning training firm. Truth is I dont have amount to spend on any LMS particularly before the launch. I shall be grateful if anyone can guide me on this:

  1. I want to publish articulate storyline material on LMS
  2. I am looking for a LMS that generate reports i.e Quiz results/user course interaction/ time spent etc \
  3. It would be better if the LMS is user friendly

Can anybody suggest me whether I should opt for Moodle or Efront or any other choice..

P.S: I have read a lot in community forums about LMS but still confused.

Thank you

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Asad Ali


The basic model is to design elearning courses and to deliver them via LMS. The courses will be for corporate as well as educational sector. The clients will be charged on monthly basis for courses on the basis of different packages depending upon the number of courses and their period of commitment.

The problem is that i wont charge the companies for the cost of LMS as  that's pretty high and Elearning is sort of a initiative here. Therefore , i need some LMS which is opensource and can generate reports as well.


Kate Salvan

If you don't have an extended budget for LMS, have a look at JoomlaLMS. Itis known as a golden mean between free open source and proprietary ones. It is based on free opened-sourced Joomla CMS. JoomlaLMS code is open, license files are encoded only. So you get the solution almost equal to open source and free to find ant external specialist to customize the learning management system. The price per learner in a Standard license for 100 users is 3$, while the license for 10 000 users already offers 0,2$ as the price per learner and this amount can be even lower if you have unlimited number of learners.

Concerning Articulate and JoomlaLMS compatibility, read a post here http://www.joomlalms.com/elearning/may-28-2013-articulate-presenter-09-joomlalms-compatibility-guide.html