Survey Question Reporting to LMS

Oct 08, 2013

Hi all, got a couple difficulties regarding survey question reporting to an LMS.

I have constructed a survey with 6 questions:

- 1 Short Answer

- 2 Likert Scales

- 3 Essay

I would like to see the output of all these questions through the LMS after the user has completed the course. I am using eFront for an LMS.

I'm having problems seeing the exact answers to these questions through the LMS. Currently, I can see if the user completes the survey, but not what answers were actually entered and submitted. This really doesn't give me the detailed information that I'm looking for.

I've searched around a bit on the forums/tutorials and it looks like short answer questions should be possible ( However, what about the Likert Scale questions?

Also, any tricks on the proper publish settings?

Thanks for the help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alex, 

I wanted to point you to this thread that is similar in terms of testing out your Survey content and ensuring it will work within your LMS, and testing within SCORM Cloud as well. 

In regards to the Likert scale scoring issue, it seems to be a known issue that our team is aware of and I really like the method Jeanette has created to work around that and there is another example that Rebecca created in this thread based on Jeanette's screenr.

Lal Mathews

@Leslie McKerchie @Ashley Terwilliger

This must be an OLD Thread.

However, can I get your inputs, as to why SCORM cloud is not capturing the User Inputs. The sample slides have been designed based on this :

Thank you,



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lal,

The user will need to visit the short answer slide to pass the variable there as the trigger is set up to adjust it based on when the timeline starts.You can then also include a jump to slide trigger after the submission trigger so that the slide automatically goes to the results slide. Set all of these to occur based on the tiemline of that slide starting, and you'll want to make sure the order of the triggers from top down is: Set the Text Entry value, submit the question, and jump to slide

You'll also want to ensure that you're setting the value of the text entry on the short answer to match what the user typed on slide 1. Currently you're setting it to have Text Entry 1 be set to the value of TextEntry 2 which would be blank/null. 

Also, this is likely just a demo course you've shared - but the question you've entered on Slide 1, could easily be set up on the short answer question and therefore, no need for this roundabout. 

I made the adjustments to your file and have reattached it here. 

Lal Mathews

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for inputs. It sure worked and I was able to fix the course.

However, I switched from a Short_Answer Interaction to Essay Interaction, then a new issue.

Results, Interactions work fine, except for the result showing as "Incomplete", though all quiz slides have been completed.

Any ideas??

If you need the Story File - could you provide a private link for the same.

Thank you.

Lal Mathews


Response received from Leslie Quoted here.


I see where you are tracking the course as Completed/Incomplete. Are the users passing the course and getting an incomplete or are they failing and getting an incomplete as the latter would be expected behavior.

If you're experiencing issues with content in a learning management system (LMS), see the following article, which outlines common LMS viewing and tracking issues:


Thank you Leslie/Ashley, for the quick turnaround.

Lal Mathews

Hi , 


I am trying to report variables to the LMS. 

It works fine, however, I am not able to get the "Question Heading "
The original post says - the question can be anything as the user will not see the question. 

I dont need the user to see the question, however, would like to use the questions/or slide description for the Short-answer/Essay Answer Survey Slide, to track the response question in the LMS


Attached is the story file. 

In the SCROM Cloud too, i get no description, for the questions, however the variables are reporting perfectly, well. 

Attached is the LMS report : I would like to get the description of the question. However, my report is coming out blank. Though this has worked in the past for me. 

Any suggestions. 

Thank you, 


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