eLearning and a Workbook

Hi Everyone,
I have a yearly refresher training that I put together and in the past, it was a face-to-face class that I created a training guide and workbook for. Recently, due to budget constraints, I've had to make it a self-study book with an online quiz.
Since it seems this trend will continue, I'm thinking why not make the training an eLearning module or set of modules with a test at the end, but also have a small accompanying workbook.

The purpose of the workbook would be that it could still serve as a reference guide later on and I can add the mandatory scripted practice interview that must always be included. We have a data entry system where the question path is customized and depending on the data entered, the path of the questions change.

Has anyone does this? I've been using Storyline 3 for my modules.

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Matthew Bibby

Here is one of the approaches that I use.  

You can pretty easily control what gets printed in the workbook depending on the choices learners make in a module.

I also have a more complex version that exports to PDF, but modifying it is a lot more complex. At some point when I have some time I'll refactor and make it more user friendly... but it won't be for a while.

Hope that helps.