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Mar 29, 2011

Hey all,

I'm still a newbie in the e-learning world so I thought I'd get peoples ideas on copyright within courses. A lot of our material for our online courses comes from current face-to-face training courses with a work book which is converted to an online course. This workbook obviously has a whole lot of referencing that goes with it.

I was just wondering if people use referencing for text in online courses and if so how? Or even for images or videos?



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Dragos Ciobanu

Hi, Kat

I can think of several things here (and pretty much all of them deal with fully referencing the resources you are using): create a proper list of references and include it as a PDF attachment (the alternative of including it on several slides somewhere else is not as helpful as people won't be able to take it away/print it with them if they so wish..)

In terms of images, video, sound, there's quite a lot of Creative Commons stuff out there and the Nottingham uni tool Xpert helps you find such multimedia and reference it properly.

Finally, on the few occasions I needed multimedia which wasn't available publicly, I got in touch with the producers and most of them kindly allowed me to use it for educational purposes. In very few cases I didn't hear back at all even after chasing it up, though... so there's the choice of not using it at all or using it with full referencing and being prepared to take it down on demand (a bit like the Microsoft v Google approach to copyright as far as I can see...)

However, I wonder if the same learning outcomes cannot be achieved by creating your own scenarios and simulations. They are likely to be more effective, more engaging, and may use fewer copyrighted resources... Just a thought...

Hope this helps,


Kat Fardian

Hey Dragos,

Thanks for the great advice. I like the PDF idea because I wasn't looking forward to incorporating it into slides. We are creating our own scenarios step by step but as it's our first course and as this is an OHS course we often reference legislation and other required materials to meet the required Units of Competency.

Thanks for the help

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