Showing the users responses on the result slide

Mar 31, 2017


Not sure if this is the right place.

I am trying to create a quiz version of the link below. 

I want the user to answer the questions and then their response to all the questions to be shown on the result slide. 

So they can move on to the second half of the quiz.

Any help would be fab, as I really want to add this to our LMS to enhance some of our leadership face to face courses.



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Susi B

Hi Helen,

we use a similar version like you want to create. Only in our version the user can see if he answered the question right or wrong but you could easily change this into your answers A/B.

I attached the screenshot too. The user can see which questions they answered correctly or not and on the rigth there is a play button to show the content slide to this question in a lightbox so they can repeat the content.

This is triggered by a variable on each right/wrong feedback slide, which changes the state of the thumb to right/wrong. They also have the chance to repeat or leave the quiz as you can see in the bottom.

Hope it inspires you for your work. :)


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