Tracking course completion without quiz questions

Sep 25, 2015

Hi all

Just a question on using this method to record course completion on a specific slide:

I have been using this method, but without any quiz questions at all. On the result slide I can set a passing score of 0%, so the user always passes, when he/she reaches this slide.

This is a very easy way of passing a completion status! Very suitable for our less tech-savvy employees: Just add a quiz result slide with a passing score of 0% - no need to add or refer to any quiz questions!


This seems to work good, but I am getting some feedback from a few people having problems. This can unfortunately also be because of our somewhat buggy LMS, and it very difficult to do proper bug testing.

So I want to make sure this is a valid method by asking the other experts:

Could there be any problems related to passing course completion, if I am not including or referring to any questions?

Looking forward getting your comments :-)

Thanks everyone,





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Melanie Sobie

HI Erik,

A prior LMS I worked with had similar issues in that it wouldn't always pass the mark complete message to the LMS. At that time we were using Articulate 09 and we purchased a widget from eLearning Enhanced that fixed the issue.

I looked around on the eLearning Enhanced website to see if they had a mark complete widget for Storyline and they do not. However, there is an article about using javascript to send a mark complete message to the LMS. I'm not versed in javascript, but if you are then this article may have a solution:


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