eLearning Education in Canada

Jul 02, 2019

Hi everybody,


I have been working in eLearning for about ten years now, but I came to it by way of tech support and slowly making it into more and more training focused roles to the point of managing (or being) the training department, managing the LMS, creating courses and instructional design artifacts, etc. Jack of all trades like.

Now I'd like to look at post-secondary education to a) fill the gaps you naturally have taking such a path and b) have a paper that says officially that I know what I'm doing because I think I've come as far as I can on the back of my work alone.

eLearning education is pretty confusing though. What are the different degrees and certificates and papers? Which are most valued in the industry? Is it better to get an Industrial Design degree / certificate / paper of some kind or is it better to be a bit more general and choose a program that offers a degree / certificate / paper in eLearning? Or more general still, in learning?

What are the best programs in Canada? I read a long post about this question but it was mostly about programs and schools in the US but I am sure Canada has its own offerings that are on par in terms of quality than what's offered in the States. Does anyone have any feedback or suggestions for programs or courses up here?

I'm currently looking at these:


Does anyone have any feedback about any of these programs or does anyone have suggestions for others?

Thanks! I'm really looking forward to your thoughts and ideas! :)

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