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Oct 06, 2013


I was wondering if there is exists something called as elearning Mandays, or if it is only restricted to Classroom training.

If yes, then how would you calculate elearning Mandays? For example, I have 100 participants who have completed 10 courses each, and each course has a seat time of 30 mins.

I appreciate any help on this topic.

Thank you!

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Bruce Graham

Hi Ronit,

Not that I have ever heard of.

What are you trying to prove, and would those statistics actually have any validity?

What's the point of "self-paced learning" if you are going to start measuring it with a statistic typically reserved for linear end-to-end experiences?

Learning is the key metric, not time.

The only organisations that I have come across where time is still relevant are those "Compliance" or "Regulatory" organisations that have come from a paper-based background, and have no idea how to, (or a complete fear of...) moving away to learning and knowledge based metrics.


Jerson  Campos

I'm assuming you want to find out how long it would take 100 learner's to go through the courses. I don't think it can fully apply to eLearning since, as Bruce stated, it's self-paced learning and there would be some fudge factor around the time. According to your example, it would take one user 5 hours to complete all the training and 500 hours for 100 users.  But this is if it took exactly 30 minutes for each course.  Some people might be slower than others and some people might be faster.

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