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Dec 04, 2011

Please take a look and give me some feedback on my portfolio.  I'm interested in hearing feedback on everything including functionality of the videos, layout of the site, material included, etc.  I've never done this before so please give me some guidance!


Dale Hargis


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Patti Bryant


Good work! I like the simplicity of it and the fun elements like the image of you saying different things.  I also like the idea of showing examples from different products you know (i.e. Articulate, Captivate, etc.)

I only have a couple of suggestions:

  1. I don't see anywhere on the blog where someone can contact you (except leaving a comment) if they like your work. I may have missed it, but if I didn't, you may want to think about adding that.
  2. It may be a good idea to put a few pictures of elements that you are proud of (graphic design, eLearning course screenshot) just in case someone doesn't want to watch a video, but wants quick at-a-glance information.

    In my own portfolio, I started out with an eLearning course that I created for people to go through and then tried to figure out a way to show up front what I could do. I decided to take a few screenshots of the course that showcased my skills. I'm not sure if, when you went to my portfolio, if I had that figured out yet or not - so you may or may not have seen it.

I hope this helps! GREAT WORK!

David Anderson

Hi Dale,

Thanks for sharing your portfolio with us. It looks like you've worked on some great projects. What I really enjoyed was your "director's commentary" on the projects. What a great way to highlight completed projects.

I agree with Patti regarding having some larger screens or actual demos on the site. I had one teammate IM me asking if I saw any other demos on your site. I think the videos are great, but folks will be looking for actual samples.

Your audio is really good, btw.  If you're interested, I hope you'll add a sample to our thread on microphone demos.

Dale Hargis

Thanks for all the good feedback!

I have since done the following:

added a contact link at the top and bottom of the portfolio page

added a slideshow of course and graphic design examples

added an actual course demo

a tutorial (of sorts) on audio recording and narration with examples

Please give me more feedback!  I need to make this as good as possible!

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