elearning testing Checklist

Dec 01, 2014

Good afternoon,

Does anyone have a testing checklist they would like to share.

I am creating some learning pieces and would like to thoroughly test them before I assign them to learners.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Nicole Legault

Hi Leanne!

Great topic. I don't have a checklist specifically for testing e-learning but I do have this Ultimate e-Learning Design and Development Checklist that I developed a few years ago. Might help to just have a look over that and see what, if anything, can apply to yout project.

I can also point you to this article about testing (Top 4 Reasons to Test Your E-learning) and these forum discussions (here and here). You can also check out the part about testing in this article I wrote about my Basic Workflow and Design Process for creating e-learning courses.

Shout out if you have any additional follow up questions. Hope this helps! Good luck. I would love to see if anyone else in the community has a testing checklist they can share.