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Nov 07, 2016

I've been asked to develop a tutorial to help winery staff memorize specific characteristics of their wine. About 10-15 different wines. About 10-15 things to memorize for each wine. And wines are added and removed from the menu 5-6 times per year.

I'm looking to design a tutorial that includes repetition, association, and visualization to help the staff retain the facts about each wine.

Do you have other techniques you have used to help with recall objectives? I have a few ideas for activities in mind, but I wanted to see what approach you would take.

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You could do something like a match game. 
Slide 1: Characteristic 1 (color description for example)
Provide a picture of the wine label on a card with its matched color description card next to it.

Slide 2: All the cards are upside down and participants turn cards over then try to find its match.
Example of a Match Game HERE.

Slide 3: next characteristic info
Slide 4: Next Match game


Heather Beaudoin

Thanks, guys! My final assessment is going to be a mock tasting room experience where the server (learner) needs to complete a "fill in the blank" script for what they would say about the wine. I was thinking of multiple choice options when they answer the guest's follow-up questions about the wine. I could do fill in the blank, but I know we risk error in evaluating when something is mistyped, but it is better to evaluate recall.

Some activities that will introduce the characteristics will be: 1) sort the wine by least to highest alcohol content, 2) sort the wine by what vineyard the grapes came from, 3) present a wine and have the server choose the meals that would pair well with it.

Daniel Brigham

Sounds delicious, Heather. When I hear continuum, I think slider
interaction. Sorting, some type of drag and drop or matching.

I hear you about having to evaluate type-in type answers. Maybe for quick
knowledge checks (unscored), you could have them type in answers, and
present them back to them as you display ideal answers.

Anyway, things you've likely already thought of, Sounds like a great gig,

Ian Blake

If you are going for pure memorisation of facts then I recommend using an app that can create flashcards, where when you get the answer right, the card goes to the back of the pack, whereas if you get it wrong it will appear again soon.

This allows repetition - a strong tool in memorisation; duolingo uses a similar style in their language app.

I don't think this is possible in any Articulate program, but it will achieve the best results for you.

I have heard of companies using this for on boarding of new employees with 'names / faces', and for 'company jargon & abbreviations / what they mean'.

Kara Sordelett

Hi Heather,

If you haven't already come up with your assessment, an idea to help with your fill-in-the-blank option if you are concerned with misspellings are to have a word bank. This word bank can be strictly used for spelling purposes and have all of the options there, or you could use it as a drag and drop activity where multiple options for each blank are available.

Bob S

Hi Heather,

Great ideas above.  But just wondering.... are you going for straight memorization of facts or teaching them how to remember by categorizing and classifying characteristics?

Quickie example (I'm a beer guy, not wine guy)......   It's an ale, on the dark side, so you know it will typically have a stronger malt note often with hints of nut, coffee, or chocolate. Probably a porter or a stout, and if labeled "imperial" or "export", typically with high alcohol content due to the historic need to better preserve those beer for shipment abroad.

The point being,  many of us remember best by association and grouping.  California Merlots or German Bocks, there are often shared  characteristics that can nicely provide a foundation for remembering key characteristics.

What a "tasty" project....good luck!

Heather Beaudoin

Good thoughts! Those are additional objectives that I'm sure would be appreciated. To start, the winery really wants their staff to just 'know' a list of specific things about each specific wine they sell. Varietal(s), alcohol content, vineyard(s) where grapes were grown, bottling date, taste & aroma characteristics, recommended food pairings, to name a few. I'd like to build an activity that reinforces that recall knowledge.

Rachel Barnum

Will they have associated job aids too? Perhaps you can "code" different common elements with icons/colors/etc. that you could have them memorize and then associate with the different types of wine - then have them included job aids and physical matching games that they can refer to on their downtime and get better at over time. (I'm getting excited about this in my head). Alaska Airlines even made little coasters to help their employees with certain compliance topics - perhaps you could do something like that for those types of wines with the symbols on them and any additional information.

For example, "red" could be "bold," a leaf could be "earthy" (is that a thing?), a flag for the country they are in, etc. 

I think everyone "memorizes" a little differently, but I really really liked this TED talk on memory and still use those techniques for silly things like remembering to get groceries or something: https://www.ted.com/talks/joshua_foer_feats_of_memory_anyone_can_do - perhaps teaching those techniques would help too. People could make their own little stories for each type of wine to help them memorize.


Kate Doherty

Hi Ian

Not sure if anyone responded to your question, but here you go :)


It's a brilliant little feature. I'm actually using it in a language learning course - for the different letters of the alphabet.

If you are using Rise, you may have seen that it has a flashcard interaction too :)

Ian Blake

Thanks, Hafizah.

I had 360 on the 30 day free trial, but that is over now... I spoke to Articulate at the Learning Technologies conference in London and the new standalone Storyline should be coming out in the first half of this year. This is great as I am looking for 'real' html5 and do not need the full subscription as I cannot use Rise as it sits on an external server.

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