Click-by-click results/feedback on time to complete storyline simulation steps

Jan 12, 2023


I am creating a storyline simulation for technical process steps. I have a few questions after reviewing tutorial content and discussion content.

I already know how to secure feedback about accuracy of steps using hotspots, test mode, etc.

1. Is there a way to obtain specific time it takes to complete each step in a process? My question is about the time it takes to complete each step in a detailed process, without breaking it up as they move along. 

For example, one task could contain 10 clicks, and we want feedback about: 

a. How long the entire simulated exercise took

b. How long it took them to complete each step within the process (in this example, the time of each of the 10 steps)

If I understand the tutorials I have found so far, feedback for a trainer will need to be pulled from LMS. 

I haven't been able to locate a clear tutorial addressing this yet so any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you!



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Amber!

The amount of time a user spends on a slide would be data your LMS might pull and display in a report. You might check with your LMS admin to see if this is possible with the LMS you are using. The only other way of showing an amount of time to the user might be to show a stopwatch or timer on the slide. I found this older discussion where community members have shared ways they've created timers in their courses.

If you're interested in showing the number of clicks, I would suggest adding a variable that changes when the user clicks an item. You could display the value of that variable on the slide if you'd like the learner to see that data too.

I'm eager to see what other community members recommend if they've created something similar in their course!