Publishing in Word re: Storyline 360 for Software training

Apr 29, 2021

I'm new to Storyline 360. We are creating learning for an accounting software application. We're creating both the steps and the words associated with those steps. 

I'm trying to get a feel for what a published document would look like in Word. So for example, if there are 10 steps and associated words for each step, how would that look? Would it publish one picture with 10 steps? Alternatively, would it publish 10 pictures - one for each step? Also, how would the steps show on the screenshot?

Your feedback would be most helpful,


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John Alvin Apaya

Hi Lawrence! When you publish your project into Word, you will be able to see images for each slide, as well as for each individual layer. 

If you still need further clarification, are the 10 steps placed in their separate layers? If yes, you should see separate images for each layer on the Word file. 

You may refer to the following link for more information about publishing your course into Word:

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions!