Can Storyline create a Step-by-step Word document like Oracle UPK can for a software simulation?

Apr 06, 2015

Hello. We're using UPK 12 to do step-by-step screen capture of a software transaction. The UPK will generate a Word document with numbered steps for each step (screen) in the software simulation. That way, we can paste the table of steps into a Student Guide. Is Storyline able to produce a Word document that shows steps of the transaction being recorded? Thanks!

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Tara Rohrbach

This did not answer the question, and it's the same question I have.  I know Storyline can create step-by-step similuations but after you do that can you export those steps into a Word document?  Right now all I can get it to do is export the images to Word. My company wants it to export the written steps.  Like 1 column is the step, the next column is the image.  There are some programs that do this and I'm trying to not purchase additional software b/c of this one feature.

Lawrence Walkin

I have a similar question to Ricky from six years ago. I'm new to Storyline 360. I don't want to see a "how to" of publishing. Similar to Ricky, I also used to use UPK. I'd like to know the "RESULT" in Storyline 360 of Publishing to Word. i.e. do it show the steps? Phil's response from two years ago suggests that it doesn't. When I work outside of a CBT tool, I simply use Snag-It with numeric references pointing to fields. I then show the steps below with explanations. 

Does Storyline 360 in Word show one screenshot for every step or multiple screenshots per step for example? Where does the added text show?

Your input would be most appreciated,