Can Storyline create a Step-by-step Word document like Oracle UPK can for a software simulation?

Hello. We're using UPK 12 to do step-by-step screen capture of a software transaction. The UPK will generate a Word document with numbered steps for each step (screen) in the software simulation. That way, we can paste the table of steps into a Student Guide. Is Storyline able to produce a Word document that shows steps of the transaction being recorded? Thanks!

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Tara Rohrbach

This did not answer the question, and it's the same question I have.  I know Storyline can create step-by-step similuations but after you do that can you export those steps into a Word document?  Right now all I can get it to do is export the images to Word. My company wants it to export the written steps.  Like 1 column is the step, the next column is the image.  There are some programs that do this and I'm trying to not purchase additional software b/c of this one feature.