ELearning videos help.

Aug 31, 2015


When you design an eLearning course, what ratio do you use between videos and exercises?

Where have you found royalty free, commercial background music which you use in videos?

I need some fun upbeat music (jazz style) to play in the background during my videos. The music that I have found are royalty free but cannot be used for commercial purposes. We sell the eLearning and therefore cannot use the downloads.

Thanks, Shelly




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Vince  Vanderlaan

Hi Shelly - 

It all varies based on content and subject, but in general when I'm working with videos my ratio is: No more than 2-4 minutes of video before including some form of participant interaction,

Any longer with video and the learner's attention can begin to wilt in my experience.

As far as royalty free music, the e-learning guild posted a great article with links a couple of years back. Ultimate List of Free Music for E-Learning

Rashida Atkins

Hi Shelly,

I know my response is a bit late but I wanted to share a site I like to use called Orange Free Sounds http://www.orangefreesounds.com/. The site provides sound effects and background music which you can use for commercial products. This site has been a gold mine for my courses, and of course the fact that it's completely free doesn't hurt either:)