ELH Challenge #201 - Smart Watch Example

May 24, 2018

SmartWatch Articulate Storyline

Smart watches Articulate Storyline

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I’m so thrilled to share my first elearning challenge project with you. When I saw David Anderson post the E-learning Challenge on using subtle animations, I knew exactly what I wanted to share. I’ve been wanting to create a smart watch mock-up example for a long time and this challenge did just that…challenge me. Bring it, David. 😊  

A bit about this project:

First slide – Have you seen the Netflix screensaver mode? It displays different movies/tv shows with a subtle movement animation. I tried my own version of that on this slide. If you look closely, you can see the background and the runner moving.

Three watches slide – I used subtle animations to display the watches. I also used the Paint 3D tool to customize each watch screen. You can click and visit each section.

Features section – Tom Kuhlmann’s awesome blog post on How to Create Interactive Videos with 3D Models in Storyline inspired me to take my smart watch idea and give it a 3D spin (pun intended 😊). This was my first time working with 3D models in PPT. Tom’s demo was easy to follow and incredibly fun to apply.  

Last slide – Go ahead and click the icons! I thought this would be a fun way to display my info.     

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