Employee Assessments and Linked Learning

May 26, 2021

What assessment instrument do you use for staff/employee performance and how do you attach and assign learning to correct any gaps? Do you use a single, integrated product or are they separate and you linked them? Any xAPI users doing assessments and gap analysis? Thanks for your help.

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Pradnya Maske

Hey David, 
Well, there are many employee performance tools available in the market. But I would suggest you Paradiso employee performance management software as this platform counts with amazing features and functionalities that will not only bring high levels of engagement to your company but we will make sure that your employees won’t miss any bit of the training programs and also will give you the chance to monitor their progress as they take the lessons.  

I recommend you read this https://bit.ly/3xpHQfC to learn more about this software.  

I hope it will help you!