enabling a user to repeat a course in an LMS repeatedly keeping a record of their results

Hi, I have a module I created and uploaded as a scorm file in our LMS. The issue is each time a user completes it annually it does not trigger a new completed date. I was advised by the LMS helpdesk to 'set the value' of the course? and that would record the completion dates (on the LMS) each time a user does that module. If this is the solution how does one do this? Ultimately we need historical dates recorded as part of compliance audits. Thank-you Tracey 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Tracey,

I've done a lot of work for company that had "annual training."

Typically, we made some changes each year. The LMS admins would load the new SCORM package and adjust the settings to re-assign the course (that is, to require folks to complete it again).

Even if your company is using the same package, it seems to me that the LMS folks should have a way to re-load it and re-assign it. In other words, that's not something that would be done via Storyline or Rise. 

Karl Muller

Hi, Tracey,

This is not a Rise issue but a LMS issue.

There is no standard answer to your question as what needs to be done and what is possible depends entirely on the specific LMS that you are using.

I'm a LMS admin, and for our LMS, once a student has met the mastery requirements for the course, the LMS will not record any subsequent attempts. If the student gets a higher score on the mastery quiz than before, the higher score will be recorded, but that's all. It will not be recorded as a brand new attempt.

What I would need to do to keep track of a course that needs to be repeated annually is to create a new version/copy of the course and rename each instance, e.g. Compliance Course ABC 2021, Compliance Course ABC 2022, etc. and assign it as a new course to the group of students that needs to retake it. Multiple versions of the same course makes reporting more difficult. 

Your LMS may have different capabilities,