Engaging & Effective Customer Service eLearning

Sep 23, 2021


I've been asked to implement a company wide customer service/ patient experience training for all employees. I'm starting to dive into the foundational work of it, but I fear that something will be lost in the eLearning format (as opposed to a ILT Workshop).

Has anyone successfully designed and implemented a customer service training/ patient experience training that had a great impact on the organization?

Any tips welcome. 

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Christina! I hear you. It's good that you're thinking about this early on. This past year, many companies have made the switch from in-person training to online, which means thinking about the content in a new way. There are some really good points in this article about converting ILT into E-learning that you might want to consider. I also wanted to share a few customer service examples that I hope spark some ideas. 

Perhaps, the community has some additional examples to share along with the impact the training had on their organization. 🤞 

Bianca Woods

Hi Maureen,

I'm sorry the one you were looking for isn't currently available for download. Hopefully, the course can still give you some inspiration for what you're working on.

You might also want to keep an eye on our E-Learning Examples and Downloads sections as we regularly update them and may have future options there that could work for you.