Engaging & Effective Customer Service eLearning


I've been asked to implement a company wide customer service/ patient experience training for all employees. I'm starting to dive into the foundational work of it, but I fear that something will be lost in the eLearning format (as opposed to a ILT Workshop).

Has anyone successfully designed and implemented a customer service training/ patient experience training that had a great impact on the organization?

Any tips welcome. 

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Christina! I hear you. It's good that you're thinking about this early on. This past year, many companies have made the switch from in-person training to online, which means thinking about the content in a new way. There are some really good points in this article about converting ILT into E-learning that you might want to consider. I also wanted to share a few customer service examples that I hope spark some ideas. 

Perhaps, the community has some additional examples to share along with the impact the training had on their organization. 🤞