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Dec 08, 2015

I'm planning to develop the subject course for a millennial target population, and I'm an early 'boomer'..  It is being suggested to use a 'responsive design' HTML5 authoring tool to insure compatibility with mobile devices.  My 'old guy' response is the screens are too small to support enough content, and may be difficult to work any navigation buttons other than a continuous scroll.  Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions. Btw, is waiting for Q1 release of Responsive Design Storyline worth it?.

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Angela Love-Zaranka

The best part of HTML5 is that it would work (mostly) in any browser since you wont need Adobe Flash to play the content. iOS Safari will not play Flash (Apple didn't want it on their iOS devices) so your learners would need to get the Puffin browser if you do not want to publish in HTML5. This adds a step to doing the lessons which some people may complain about (there is a paid version that works better so they may complain about paying to do the lessons).

I have found issues with Safari anyway while publishing in HTML5 so my suggestion is to give the learner a heads up that Mozilla will be the best browser for them to use on any device. Thus far no issues anywhere on any device with Mozilla for us.

Yes, the screen is small but if you have adobe dreamweaver you can scale your presentation to a mobile screen size and see what it would look like to the end user while testing. (During development you can tell the lesson to scale to the size of the browser window automatically) Usually each slide would not have too much info on it. One or 2 concise points per slide is usually good. Beyond that and people tune out anyway.

I'm between your generation and the generation you are targeting in age and I've seen tech change in an interesting way. It seems that people really take in much more of what they view online from a mobile device and decide from that device if it is worth their time or not. IF they own a desktop then they might switch to that for more involved programs / websites. More and more the mobile device is performing like a desktop and if we are not all thinking about that as time goes on we may become irrelevant to someone else that is catering to this change.

Next question is: are you going to track your students by completion of the lessons or by a test / quiz? You will need an LMS for that.

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