Escape Room (Based on Lizzie Wakefield's idea)

A special thank you to Lizzie Wakefield, as this was her idea. I took the general Escape Room premise and have been working on coming up with a quiz version for our Sales Staff  for Q4. It needs a lot of work yet: Graphics need to be updated, the wrong answer needs to reset the question, I need to put a clock/timer in and the game ending with code unlock and either a pass or fail. Pass, you end up at Happy Hour....Fail, the boss lets you out at midnight with applicable animation. Here is the tempshare link to take a look:

I will be continuing to update the above mentioned items this week but would love feedback.

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Heather Willis

Hi Jamie,

There is one question but you have to find the key first to unlock the door. I have an updated version where the graphics are much improved.  Would love to get your feedback on where I am at so far. I want to add an animation for the story intro and ending (whether pass or fail) to make it more like a story game. I am trying to set up a template with several rooms that I can use for our Sales Department. I am hoping to keep them engaged in the content.

Hints for game:
You may have to click on some areas more than once to drill down further to find the key.
When you find the key, select it.
The answer to all the questions is: demo kit.