Evaluating Services

We are putting together a survey to send to content experts after we create a module for them.  We are trying to evaluate our services and identify areas where we excelled and where we could have done better.  There are open essay questions, but I am looking for ideas on the rating (1-5) questions.  We are looking at things such as timeliness, interactivity integrated, our responsiveness, etc.  What do others evaluate on? 

Thanks in advance for any ideas!


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Kate! Kudos to you for seeking feedback from your SMEs - I bet they really appreciate that!

I like your feedback topics. It sounds like you are seeking feedback mainly about the workflow & course development process? If so, here are a few more ideas to consider:

  • Design phase. i.e., were SMEs happy with their level of involvement/input during the design of the course, such as when the objectives were set, the learning activities were devised, etc.
  • Review process. i.e., was it easy & effective for SMEs to provide feedback, corrections, etc. on the review drafts or prototypes (or whatever you provided them with at each stage   )
  • "Change or Keep" - I always like it when surveys ask an open-ended question like "what one aspect of this project worked really well and should be considered for future projects? What one aspect did NOT work well and should be changed or eliminated next time around?"

If you also want to seek feedback on the outcomes of the course, you could ask questions around:

  • On-the-job results. i.e., do the SMEs and managers see on-the-job evidence that learners mastered the skills/behaviors that the course was designed to teach?
  • Supporting systems. i.e,. you could ask what other ways your team could help learners with skill transfer. Such as providing related job aids, training the trainees' managers on how to reward/support the learners in practicing their new skills, providing follow-up or refresher training, etc.
Kate Hoelscher

I really appreciate both of your feedback!  I'm incorporating ideas into the survey.  We are sending out the survey very soon after each module is released, so they wouldn't have time to see outcomes of the course yet at that point.  I'll think about sending out another post-survey later on as a possiblity though.  I do like the the supporting systems question though in that part of the outcomes. 

Thanks again!

Stefano Posti

Yep, two excellent questions, Jeanette!

We should all push the production of e-learning effectiveness EVIDENCE.

Most managers and corporate decision-makers, do not really "feel" the importance of the learning process until they see data reports, since they're just  concentrated on numbers. And often SMEs do not have that "scientific and technical" quality to make concrete evidence of effectiveness...so it's up to us, for eLearning sake!

It's always precious to read these posts... Articulate Community is unvaluable!