Examples of interactive/scenario-based software training

May 20, 2014

Hi heroes, I'm looking to the community for some inspiration. I am creating an elearning course that is heavily conceptual, that talks about tasks our customers need to do during the planning phase of an implementation. I am trying to come up with a creative way to present information. I would like to create something very interactive and story based. (Using Presenter). I don't want to do another boring page turner with slides full of bulleted lists.

Has anybody done a project with any similarities to mine that would be willing to share?  Thanks in advance.

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Eileen Cushing-Craig

Hi Jackie!  Thank you for your quick response. I do work for a software company, and a lot of the eLearning we do consists of simulations and procedures for working with the software. This project is different because it is more conceptual and process oriented. I am trying to challenge myself to come up with a story-based course that leads the learners through the process.  I am looking forward to checking out your sample.  (I've already viewed and been impressed by some of the other samples you've submitted.)  Thanks again.


Eileen Cushing-Craig

Jackie Van Nice said:

Thanks, Eileen!

If it's a company that isn't currently using a creative approach, the best way to sell the idea is to mock up a great little demo of what you're envisioning. I've NEVER had a client object to a design idea I've demonstrated first.

Good luck to you! I know you can make it great.

That's exactly what i want to do.

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