Excel and/or Spreadsheet Training in Articulate 360

Feb 07, 2017

Hi all,

We are looking for a really efficient way of training people to use spreadsheets via Articulate 360.  I have looked at some discussion topics around this, and haven't really found anything above and beyond what we are already doing.  I'm looking for inspiration or ideas around this, and was hoping someone might post a project that they've designed.

Trevor D. Rasmusson


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Scott Kaye

When I was trying out the 360 features I did a quick video in Rise.  Thought that was very helpful to make some quick recordings.  You can make a library of topics very easily.

Here is a link to a rise video I just created.  One take only.  I didn't edit at all (hence the sloppiness at the end when I was trying to stop recording).  I could annotate as well this with very little effort.


David Glow

The most challenging part with Excel is exactly what you want to train. Something like Pivot tables, I have seen a few wonderful videos, but as soon as you get into manipulating, it really takes a bit of work to get all the drag/drop interactions working.

In fact, even the hover states on sort and filter in Excel headers are a bit tricky. I work for a company with an application that uses this form of filter and sort functionality, and those "drag to the upper right section of a header until you see the filter icon" to click to get filter options... a bit of a hat trick to pull of well (we did, but wow, it was a bit of work to get there for one simple UI standard).


Of course, you can actually pull in Excel sheets via WebObject and embed some of the interaction and even instruction - check out https://exceleverest.com/

Destery Hildenbrand

I would have to agree with the above. A quick video with Peak and then Rise would be the quick and dirty way to effectively present what they should know.  I think anything interaction based in Storyline might not get you the return on your effort as much as you would like.

An idea may be to include the videos and a workbook for them to download. Make sure the workbook has two separate sheets one that they can follow along with during the video and one to practice with after.  Have the video review a topic that they can follow along with then include a scenario or question set (now it's your turn) based on the practice sheet in the workbook. They can work with excel open on their machine following the instructions for the practice. The result of this will be the answer to the question.  

Good luck in your Excel training endeavours. 

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