Expanding my horizons

I have been developing online training with Articulate for about 10 years now and I would like to develop a course that I could sell to "boaters" and people wanting to get into sailing. I would like to make it accessible through mobile platforms as well as desktop/laptop devices, for a modest fee.

The part that is a little foggy for me is; how to make it available through an LMS at a reasonable cost to me, how to link it to an icon for mobile devices and how to collect my modest fee.

Anyone have any ideas where I can get some good information on this type of endeavor.

Thanks, Bob

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Bob S


Hi Bob,

A couple of years old, but this article is a good overview of the kinds of options you might have available.

Another option altogether that is often overlooked, is selling your content to other interested entities that already have a delivery platform and can benefit from your content. For example, perhaps it's any of the various boat, marine product manufacturers or associations that would benefit from promoting the industry in general.

Hope this helps and Fair Winds!