Faster Workflow and Testing in SCORM Cloud

With our larger projects, the time to make a tweak, save, publish, and upload to SCORM cloud takes about 25 minutes (output size is about 120mb).

When you're troubleshooting - that's just too time consuming.

1. What tools/tricks have you found to cut this down?

2. Is there a way to test web objects without having to upload to SCORM/Website?

3. Can you connect your SCORM Cloud account to the FTP published output option?


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Matthew Bibby

#1: If you are making changes to an individual slide or a series of slides, you could always import them into a new project and just test the offending slides.  

#2: Yes, there is. Just view your project after publishing. No need to upload it.

#3: Yes, you can. If you go to the Course Upload page in SCORM Cloud you should see a message at the bottom of the page that says "Working with large files? You may want to try the FTP Import option." Click on that and it should provide all the info that you need.