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Aug 11, 2011

Good morning! 

I've been a bit of E-Learning Heroes "stalker" and am AMAZED with the great tips that this community provides. My company has always used "traditional" PowerPoint presentations as eLearning. I am trying to take our eLearning to the next level. I want to make sure that this first "non-traditional" course is very captivating because if it doesn't land well with the higher-ups, I my lose my chance at creating anything other than the boring PowerPoint "look".

That said I have drafted my first non-linear (branching) course and started it with a mindmap, etc.  This is totally different than the way we would normally do things, so I am very new to this. The presentation is about how to use software to enter safety concerns at a campus. The course covers real-world scenarios including questions that should be asked and then how to enter the incident in the software.

Anyone that has a moment, could you please take a look and provide any feedback to help me make this a better course?

A couple of notes about the course:

  1. It isn't finished! So, you'll notice things like: 1) The fact that there is a placeholder where I will put the assessment, but it isn't there yet. 2) Resources aren't clickable yet.
  2. I will be adding narration on some slides (especially the ones with the engage interactions) as well as sounds that occur when you click on a question and right/wrong answers.


  1. I have $0 budget for this course. So, instead of "real" photos, I went with illustrations because I have more of them available. What do you think of using illustrations?
  2. What do you think of the "look" and "feel" of the course? I used the color scheme from the website of the actual software (MySafeCampus).
  3. Is this engaging? What do you like? What do you not like? What would you suggest I do different?

Thank you in advance for helping me with my first "real" eLearning project!


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Linda Lorenzetti

Hi Patti,

Glad that you decided to join us!  I had a look at your course and I really like it.  The illustrations work well, and the overall look and feel is great!

I have a few small suggestions:

I found that slide one jumped to slide two before I could read all of it - you might want to adjust that. Also on the same slide, I always find it easier to read a block of text that is left justified, rather than centered.

On slide 3, add just a little more space between your buttons.

In the demo portion of your course you might want to use a next button, so that the reader can move to the next screen at their own pace.

Really small thing, but I noticed that your logo at the end of the course had white fringe around it (I'm in graphics, so I notice these things).  Your company's graphics person could probably make you a PNG file from their vector logo, eliminating any white fringe.

As I said, small things, but I really like your concept - it's well above your company's former Ppt elearning.


Stephanie Harnett

Hi Patti. I took a quick peek and like the direction you are going with this. Being able to gather information then make a decision is a powerful way to learn. In both cases you are reporting the incident to campus. You may want to consider another scenario where you might think you should report it but inactuality you don't need to - something like that so that collecting all the information doesn't lead to a predictable result. Still, in collecting the information you are learning so there remain quite a bit of value. Adding an element of surprise - something people wouldn't expect but that could really happen would be a motivator for your learners.

On the design side I would recommend that you change out the monitor graphic for one that does not have perspective - just straight on so that it matches your screen captures. The screen captures should be captured at the size you want to use in the course - any size adjustment you make to them in PowerPoint will result in blurry images that are harder to read and not as crisp.

I would recommend adding audio for the characters (what they say in the speech bubbles)  so that you can hear their predicament and become a bit more emotionally engaged with their situation. 

I agree with Linda - this is quite a step above PPT elearning. Great job!

Patti Bryant

Thanks Stephanie! I appreciate you taking time out of your day to help! I am definitely struggling a bit with the monitor graphic screens. I wanted it to look like they were actually in the room (with the background) and looking at the computer screen, but that is the only "free" monitor graphic that I found that would even remotely look normal. I also thought of just having the regular engage background (solid color - in this case green), but wasn't sure about that either.

If anyone has any suggestions about the monitor pages (where I used the engage interaction in the demo section), I'd love help!

Tristan Goldsmith

Hi Patti,

I agree with the comments above.

Love the course and would love to get a PPTX copy if you were happy to share. The company I work for is just getting into the online world and I am wanting to develop my skilss further into the character arena too and get away from PPTX style learning.

My comments are minor too.

I found some of the text in the information boxes a bit too large and the house icon ewas a bit unclear and tended to blend into the background.



Patti Bryant

So, I've made a few changes (that were suggested) to the dropbox file. Thanks Linda for the graphic as it worked GREAT!

I've also attached the presentation (cleaned up) for anyone who wants to use it,. I took several elements from this forum where other users posted, so thanks everyone for the elements if I used yours!

Let me know if you have any questions and further comments regarding this presentation.  Thanks, all!

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