Feedback Request for 2 Very Brief Courses

May 01, 2012

Hello! I'm new to Articulate and have just finished my first two courses. I would VERY much appreciate any feedback. I am providing these as demos to potential clients, so ANY improvements are welcomed!  One is for an existing client and the "Drug Free Workplace" course will be offered free to government contractors in my area.   Each should only take a couple minutes to go through.

Use of Force Training

Drug Free Workplace

*note - there should be audio on the second slide - not sure why it's skipping over it - I inserted it the same way I did the slide before.  those are the only 2 slides with audio.

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Kristen Hull

I watched the first course, and have a few comments.

For the audio, I wasn't sure if the lesson had it until the video of the man speaking began (so I missed the beginning of his blurb, since I have to throw on headphones). Then I kept my headphones on for a while thinking that there would be audio for the rest of the course, and I never heard anything. It might be handy to let the viewer know if there is audio or not and when it occurs.

The description of the Defensive tactic goes off the page (just g and q), so maybe the font should be smaller.

In the challenges, I got them wrong, but I didn't feel like the first part of the lesson taught me that the first step is always the removal of the client. Did I miss that within the lesson?  Maybe it shoul be made more obvious? Or is this something taught outside of the lesson? So much of the session was about types of defensive tactics, yet 2 of the challenges focus on removal of the person.   It didn't seem like it tested me on what I was taught.

The tactics were also very word-y; this would be a great opportunity to have visual scenarios to illustrate them (although I guess those pictures would be rather violent. Hm.)

In challenge 2, the people's heads cover a little bit of the description.

Hope that helps!


Ivan Hernandez

I reviewed the Use of Force training. The photos make this course fun and engaging. My 'little' issue was on the Challenge section. I would create a separator that tells learners they are about to enter a challenge section. I was there and I thought I was on a regular slide. I will also lock the navigation because after all is a challenge and all challenges have to be passed in order to move to the next phase. 

debra corda

Hello, I reviewed the Use of Force training.

Great template and photos.

Video message at the beginning; however, I do agree with one other reviewer concerning I was a little suprised.


You could have a little note that appears prior to the video. Maybe, that could include verbiage alerting the learner to the fact that a video with audio will begin in a few seconds, etc.

The slides that you had terms for the learner to click to read more are great, but the progression of the slides could be better. You invite the learner to click the term to read more, but if I already know the know and click the next or advance button, it takes me to the slides that you have the definitions. I would branch the slide to go to the slides after the term definitions.  The same feedback for all scenarios. If I click next, I should go to the next question or topic not go through the feedback slides.

Also, on another slide, you have the same verbiage with the intent and present ability links still active. If I click one, I don't know why I go to the slide that I do. I would disable the hyperlinks on the second one.

I wish I did such a nice job on my first projects.

Lynda Stafford

Thank you all for the great feedback! I am incorporating your suggested changes now. 
For the challenges, they weren't necessary to test them on information taught in the course. They were just scenarios to convey information they really should already know, in a more interesting way.  I can see why it seems that way though. So, I think i'll move two of the "challenges" to the beginning of the course, and possibly rename them "scenarios" so as to avoid that confusion with students.

 Again, GREAT FEEDBACK. thank you for reviewing the courses!

Lynda Stafford

Daniel Brigham said:

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I might removed the slide numbers. Not sure you need them. You can find out how to do that with a quick search of the forum "removing slide numbers from slides." David Anderson also has a screenr of it on his blog. --Daniel

Daniel - can you tell me where you are seeing slide numbers? I have just reviewed the course again, and I don't see any slide numbers. Thank you for your feedback! 

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