Filling in the Gaps...

Jun 13, 2011

Here is my situation:

The nature of my job at this time results in there being a number of weeks of intense work, followed by a week or two of relatively few pressing projects.  I was just curious, if anyone else has a schedule similar to this, what type of things do you do in your "down-time" between projects?  I try to catch up on some of the articulate and ID blogs, and read from a few ISD books, but I was just hoping someone might offer other tips for continuing to use and enhance my ISD skills even when I don't have a specific company training piece to focus on.

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Bruce Graham

Personally, I would create some online courses that you can show to people, which show interesting and creative techniques, (or just one course with e.g. sections that show interesting ways to do things).

Even if it's all for the company you work for, it's a ggreat way to get your skills raised, but it is so much easier of you have a target to aim for.

I am a close-up magician as well as Instructional Designer, and when learning a new sleight, it's always easier if you have a routine to aim for, rather than just practicing the sleight for no specific reason.

Good luck.


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