Finding images in the same set or style

Feb 12, 2024


We all know one of the basic design guidelines is to use images in a similar style throughout a course. Or maybe pick a couple of styles. 

I'm using the image library to put together an explainer about the content creation process, with a view of adding some interactivity to highlight what our team does differently. I came across drawings of these little sticky note men doing different things which got me thinking how awesome it would be if there were a way to find all the images in a set like that with the right search. Or, if you've found a few images in a style you like, find more like them.

Maybe there already is?

And if not, would others find that useful too?

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Judy Nollet

If you've got a mish-mash of photos, you could reformat them for a more cohesive look. 

In Storyline, you can change all the photos to black-and-white, or choose a monotone recolor:


If you have PowerPoint (or PhotoShop or a similar program), you can add artistic effects to the photos:

  • Some effects work better than others. Be sure to play with the settings for a given effect, since those can have a big impact on how much detail is retained.
Jessica Kellerman

Thanks Tom. That is a great suggestion! Tried it and here is the result -
Tineye didn't bring up anything and made the image background black for some reason, though good old google lens did the trick when I uploaded there. This and variations came up on a few sites where they are used. Then used the source search feature and found it on pixabay. Pixabay shows the tags which is helpful and I could find more using the term 'pixel cells' . I've attached an example, just fyi.

Thanks for your helpful suggestion.

Being able to see image tags in Articulate's library would be helpful too.

Bianca Woods

Hi Jessica. While it's not as targeted as a specific image set, many images in Content Library 360 now allow you to view the content creator's page by just hovering over the image. Browsing that page can often help you find multiple images in the same style from the same creator. So that approach may be able to help in situations like this.