Flappy bird game in Storyline - Try it out

Feb 07, 2024

Little concept from a few weeks back turned into a complete project and I am happy to report that it is finished! 🎉

🐦 Try to fly as far as possible and get on the leaderboard! 💥


Game properties:
🕹️ Click or tap the screen to make the bird fly.
🕹️ Obstacles have random positions so every game is different.
🕹️ Clouds keep changing positions and go on forever.
🕹️ Global leaderboard implemented so you can see the world's top 5 scores.
🕹️ Works great on mobile.
🕹️ Zero JavaScript in the game apart from the score saving in Google Sheets.

Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):
License code: WNOPWY2S5PT62HQN

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