Fonts rendered differently on Rise and Storyline (HTML5)

Oct 10, 2017


I'm opening this discussion again as I have just seen the fantastic new block for Rise to embed storyline assets. Unfortunately the issue of how the fonts are rendered rears its head again. As you can see from the attached screenshot Rise renders the text correctly in a true html format, easily selectable and pixel perfect on any device. However, storyline 360 even when selecting HTML5 only output renders the fonts as what appears to be 'graphics'? No where near the same quality.

Been lots of back and fourth on this one with articulate actually ending up saying the fonts are rendered as actual html text but with the function of 'selecting' left out to protect content from being copied, even though this concern is not apparent for Rise.

The difference in quality of font handling is very evident i think from my example.

Can we get the dev guys to allow 'authors' to display text as true html in articulate 360 please! This has now become much more important when mixing the two programs.


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Nicole Legault

Hi Paul!

Thanks for leaving your feedback here in the community. I've passed on your request to our dev team and we will look into it. Also, if you have a chance please go ahead and submit an official feature request. The more feature requests we have for a specific item, the more likely we are to implement it! Here's additional information about how we choose which new features to implement.

Thanks again for your feedback and for being a customer :)

Have a great day, 


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