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Allison LaMotte

Hi David!

Here's a screenshot that shows you how to achieve the result you're going for.

As a side note, if you have product-specific questions you may want to head over to the product forums. You'll likely get an answer more quickly since here in the Building Better Courses forums the discussions are mostly centered around general e-learning topics. :)

Richard Hill

There really isn't an Articulate solution for this.  The best you're going to get is to make everything in the player transparent, and place either a video, or graphic in the published HTML as the background.  Sorry but that's about it... ex. http://www.richardleehill.com/hero/elc146/

but the border is still there, just invisible.


david weems

I pretty much figured that there was not an Articulate solution for this problem. What I am hoping for is that someone has figured out how to modify a .css, .js, or other type of file to manually change the settings. I am not sure why articulate has not already made this option available, maybe they have in 360, but if not they surely should.