FREE: Emoticon Feedback Slider for Storyline 2

Jul 24, 2017

FREE: Emoticon Feedback Slider for Storyline 2

Spent part of my rainy, Phoenix weekend playing with ideas for course feedback. Here's an idea I thought was kind of fun:

View and download

One question I have on the slider is how can I make the emoticon display when the user first hovers over the slider thumb?

My triggers are to change the value of the emoticons when the slider equals 1-10 and that works correctly.  I also wanted the icon to display on hover and when moved.


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Shaun Martin

Hi Montse,

I really like this. Thanks for sharing. If I understand your question correctly you want the smileys to show not only when you move the slider but when you hover over the slider as well?

I deleted the hotspot trigger you had and added the following trigger: 

and duplicated for 1-10 on the smiley state/slider value.

That seemed to do the job :)


Erin  Sapienza

HI Montse,

Thank you for sharing this cool project.  I have a question that I'm hoping you can answer.  The 'Thank You' slide notes that the survey rating has been recorded (variable: %Slider2%)  I'm not seeing where it would be reported to.   The player only allows me to choose to track by number of slides visited.  I've tried all I can think of to remedy it so the slider # would be reported to our LMS after the learner answers the survey (slider).  


Hi Erin - Do you want to pass the slider value to your LMS? That would require some additional JavaScript to capture the custom variable's value and to pass it to your LMS.

A workaround you can use is to insert a built-in Survey slide and use triggers to auto-select the survey values based on the slider values set on the previous slide. I've attached a quick sample for you to look at.

You can use the custom icon slider on slide one to let learners select a rating. Then on the next slide, you'll have a built-in survey slide that can be "hidden" by covering it with a graphic or moving it off slide. Using triggers, you will auto-select the radio button in the survey to correspond to the values set with the slider.

This gives you the functionality of the survey without having to use the survey.

Take a look at the attached file and let me know if this can work for you.

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