Using Sliders and adding text references

Apr 06, 2018

Cher Storyline Peeps

In my current project, I am looking to use the slider feature to display 5 different images - each with their own piece of information.  The learner will start on a page that states "use the slider below to review content" or something like that.  Then using the slider they will display each of the 5 pages.  I have set up the triggers to have the slider display each new page, but it is very clunky.  Also, I wanted to be able to show the learner via text or something else, when they are at the correct place where the new layer will be displayed.

I've attached my working file to see if anyone can help.  This is just my working file to get the functionality going, don't mind the quality of the images, those I will re-do once I get this figured out.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say.


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Geraldine Follmer

Hi Montse

Thanks for responding!

Regarding the text descriptions, my thoughts are to have a description word show where each  stop on the slider is - that is what the blue dots are representing.  Basically, showing the learner that if they slide up to this point "x" image will be displayed.



I like the updated slider. Did you know you can customize the slider to use graphics?

Here's a mockup using design mapping to visually align the slider with your course content. The golf ball would be your slider thumb and the slider track would be invisible. Each stop could be a ghosted golf ball effect as you move towards the hole. Just an idea.

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