Free flat design character

Jul 20, 2020

Hi all,

One of the most used visuals in e-learning are the featured characters. My favorite characters are the modern illustrated characters.

For one of my recent projects, I was asked for a flat design character. This type of characters is 'not yet' included in SL, so I started illustrating Barry myself.

I completed the necessary poses for my project. ;)

Now I wonder if more developers would be interested in this type of character.

If so, I challenge myself to illustrate all the standard poses from SL and will offer them here as a free download.

Barry - flat design character

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Paul Alders

Thanks for the kind words Veronica, but a legend?....all my illustrations are based on simple combinations of shapes and lines. For just a few years back I bought some books of cartoonist Chris Hart. His illustrations became one of my favorite resources of inspiration. Here is a link to his personal website

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