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Adebare Showemmo

Bruce, I have also visited the site and from what I understand from the short welcome video, the program is opened to suggestions. So, what areas do you expect the syllabus to also cover and what can be done to improve the quality of course. 

For the reading text for the program, the pages are provided in google doc, so you need to buy those materials.

Bruce Graham

1100+ of us currently on Course 1.

All tools will be documented - so that can be re-used, all open source tech.

People should be able to pick up on this.

Google+ groups, total 22000 registered in the Community, YouTube trainer feed.

Smaller groups work independently.

Work, readings and discussion all week - outputs and results to be shared with groups, discuss successes and failures.

Follow  if you want to learn more.

This is a GREAT experiment


Bruce Graham

What an awe-inspiring first hour to the "Learning Creative Learning" course

Introduction to Creative Learning, then next week it's Interest-Based Learning.

I'm taking a course at MIT - how cool is that :)


PS - off to start the reading list and we're doing something online collaborating with spaghetti and marshmallows.......