Free Office-Themed Storyline Shapes/Assets

Mar 21, 2013

e-Learning Designers,

I've created a bunch of different office-themed shapes/assets in Storyline. I thought this might be a good resource to share with other designers to use in projects. There are envelopes, pens, notebook, keyboard, and more. These were made completely using shapes and lines in Storyline - so you can play with them, edit them, re-color them, etc.

Here are some screenshots to show you what's included:

I've attached the .story file containing the shapes.



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Nicole Legault

Thanks for the nice feedback everyone. I've found that the key is using proper shadows and gradients.

Jesse - the keyboard was surprisingly quick and easy to create. Copy and paste is my best friend =D

Ryan - argh!! Of course sometime had to notice... when I noticed the pencil was slighty disjointed in the image I got really upset with myself lol... but LUCKILY since they are all made from shapes in Storyline you can easily fix it yourself

Nicole Legault

Judy, you're right and that is *so* strange. Hmmm. Weird. It might be because of the way I created the pencil.. I think I created the orange stick part first, put it on an angle, and then added the other pieces to it, and lined them up.... Whereas, a best practice would be to create the whole thing perfectly straight, then group all my shapes, then rotate the entire group at once. That seems to be the only shape that shows up differently in Preview mode vs. on the slide.

Anyways, glad you like it! Thank you =D

And for everyone else ... I'm not sure if this needs saying but just in case, when you fix the pencil, when you are re-aligning the shape, hold down the CTRL key while you press the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the shape... This makes your shape move by just a little bit, instead of the usual amount when you just hit the arrow key. If you don't do this you probably won't be able to line it up juuuuust right.

Nicole Legault

Jennifer --- ooooh! Great tip! I didn't hink of that, but that's an awesome way to eliminate a difference between how it looks in Preview vs. Development mode.

Also - that's a great tip if you want to use the shapes in e-learning projects developed with other software! (PowerPoint, Captivate, Lectora). So you can customize the colors and the shape in Storyline, save as .png and then re-use across multiple apps. Awesome. Thanks!

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