New - Whiteboard / bulletin office themed module

Sep 09, 2013

Here is an office themed module template I put together. Thought it turned out well and figured I'd share it. There are fonts that go with this that are not stock. I've tried uploading these via a zip folder but keep getting thrown errors. I may post them as a comment or at least list them if you want to find them via Google. The fonts really seal the deal on this one. Thanks! Enjoy!

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Brett Schlagel

Font names: 

Ashcan, Bookeshappell10, Buttons The Bear, Luna, Homework, Esquisito, and Crappy Dan.

No problem! I've been a big fan of Articulate and have used it daily for about 2 years and never actually posted anything, figured it's about time I have a few more that are really cool that I'll post later but I have to remove the company content from it first when I get a free moment. Thanks for the positive feedback! Also, does this forum not support a zip file over a certain size? 

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