Free "Spring Green" Storyline Template

Good Evening Articulate Community!

I am so happy it is finally spring! I was out this past weekend and noticed how the trees have finally started sprouting leaves. I was so inspired, I went crazy and created a “Spring Green” Storyline template to share with you all.

Click here to check out out a live demo of it; and of course, feel free to download the template here. Also, if you’d like the special font I used for the slide titles, you can get that here.

I also experimented with a new effect you’ll see on the “Learning Objectives” slide which combines the use of states and animations to create a neat effect. I don’t know if anyone else has used this same effect before, but I thought I’d share anyhow. If you’d like to know how I created it, I recorded a quick Screenr Tutorial on how I did it. Check it out here



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Tim Slade

Hi Nancy,

I don't believe so. All of the images are ones I reused from a previous project I did a few years back. I don't recall where they were all obtained, but I believe they came from a free-license source.

Of course, if you were to use this template, I'd have to suggest using imagery you have licensing for.